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Data Search Global strive to create long-lasting partnerships with their clients, growing with them on every project while delivering the same high quality fieldwork that enables them to achieve the results they need. To achieve this, we’ve made it our mission to:



Work with you to build and maintain lasting partnerships which add value to your research & data collection, not just on a project by project basis, but through the growth and development of your business.

Maintain an unwavering commitment to quality, always pushing for the highest levels of service and best practice solutions.

Provide complete transparency in all aspects of the work we do, believing that trust is essential to our clients work but also for the esteem of the research industry as a whole.

Pioneer new methods of recruitment; understand the ways different social groups engage and interact and embrace the latest innovations

Work to provide comprehensive coverage of services, throughout all our specialisms but also in various key regions and demographics where other agencies cannot.

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