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Our quantitative market research services team at Data Search Global have worked hard to bring the market research industry a unique service offering. We’re a close-knit team of quant research specialists who complement each other with individual project experience and know-how. 

While our experience spans across all methods; from on-street data capture to managing online communities and product placement trials – the one thing that sums up our work is the care and attention we put into your project. This comes because how our quant team works. We  monitor and evaluate all our work, keeping our fieldworkers alongside our data team to ensure that your project receives the full attention that it needs. And we like to work as an extension of your team – available to discuss your brief and resolve any issues at any stage of the project.

This combination of knowledge and resources allows us to deliver meaningful insights regardless of your budget or timescale. We’re able to assist with any quantitative research and are frequently asked to provide the following quantitative research services:

​Online/CATI​ , On street​, In Store​, Exit Interviews​, Hall Tests/Taste Tests​, Product Placement/i-HUT’s​, Mystery Shopping​, User Testing 

We’re happy to work with you as your consultative partners, discussing your brief and then designing all elements of the quantitative research to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Working with us means:

We’ll consult with you on your research proposal to understand the full premise of your project.

​We’ll work with you to devise the best strategy to meet the aims of your research in the most effective and efficient way.

​We’ll create all documentation to support your project.

​Full survey scripting with capacity to manage quotas in real time and regular updates from fieldwork team.

​​Data Entry, Data Coding , Data Cleaning or Data Analysis services are also provided.

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